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Hop Trial

We at Varoška Brewery believe strongly in utilizing local products.  One of our main goals is to create a 100% Croatian beer.  Our vision is a beer made with Croatian grains, Croatian yeast, Croatian hops, and brewed with fresh crisp Croatian water.  In order to achieve this goal, we have started a hop growing trial.  Multiple growers from across Croatia have volunteered to plant hop rhizomes in almost all of the diverse ecosystems Croatia hosts.  From the rich loam soils of Slavonia and Lika to the unique karst soils of Dalmatia, we think a hop can be grown here that will taste like no other hop on the planet. Using 100% local ingredients Varoska brewery will be able to exhibit a beer with a taste profile that can only be made here, in Croatia.

A group of growers from across Croatia have volunteered to plant the hop rhizomes. Below on the map you can see where the hops are currently being grown. Wish us and the growers luck on this fun adventure as we try to bring a new, valuable commodity to the Croatian agricultural landscape.